The cooking competition is on. The winner will become the next master chef. Sandra has a true passion for baking desserts. This cooking competition will test her cake making skills. It is going to be a fab experience for Sandra just by participating in it, let alone win it. Will the master chef jury be impressed by her amazing cake? Go shopping with Sandra for the necessary cake competition ingredients. Get cacao, baking powder, chocolate chips, whipped cream, sugar, flour, milk, butter and eggs for the cake batter. Follow the cooking instructions to bake the most amazing chocolate cake. Melt the chocolate chips first. Mix all the above ingredients in a large bowl using an electric mixer. Bake the resulting composition in the oven separating it in three baking trays of different sizes. Now it is time to decorate the cake. Decorate it with lots of toppings, candies and other ornaments just like in the photo and help Sandra win the cooking competition. Have a great time playing our brand new cooking game!