Hey girls! I have guests coming over for dinner and I want to surprise them with a great dish. Chicken parmesan is my cooking choice this time. I think my friends will like it considering it is healthy and easy to digest as an evening meal. Join me in the kitchen and let's have a fun cooking session. To make my chicken parmesan, I need chicken breast cut into thin slices. Can you spot the eggs, cream, flour, breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese? I need these ingredients to create a yummy coating for the chicken breast. I will also add mozzarella cheese, olive oil and marinara sauce. The chicken breast must be fried in cooking oil after being seasoned with salt and pepper, then dipped into the flour, eggs and breadcrumb mixture. The cheese will be added on top. The dish contains cooked pasta and broccoli on the side. Read the recipe for all cooking directions, then have a fab time playing our brand new cooking game!