Dora has fallen in love with a fellow school boy. She has a big crush on him and she does not know how to get his attention. Cooking a yummy cake is one way to do it. The pretty girl has a true passion for cooking desserts and she is confident he will be impressed. To give him a hint of her feelings, Dora plans on surprising him with a delicious and super romantic Valentine's Day cake. Being in love is a great feeling and Valentine's Day is not the only day you can show it to the other person. Help Dora bake a fabulous Valentine cake. Mix the required filling and batter ingredients while she updates you with the latest news about her crush. Girl gossip and cooking are the perfect combination for a good time, don't you agree, girls? When the cake batter is done, bake it in the oven. Make sure you have enough for a second layer as well. Decorate the love dessert with lots of toppings and sweet ornaments. Have fun playing our brand new cooking game!