Ready for a creepy cool cooking adventure, girls? Today you learn how to bake a graveyard cake. This dessert is a must have and It should be written down in your cooking book. Bake the amazing graveyard cake for Halloween, as a Sunday dessert or for parties. Imagine going to a birthday party for example with such a scary delicious delicacy. You will surely get everybody's attention. Gather all cooking ingredients and tools on the kitchen table. Mix chocolate pudding and milk in a large bowl using a whisk. Add cream cheese and whipped topping. Follow the cooking directions to make the cake batter. Bake the batter in the oven. Decorate the cake with funny graveyard ornaments like gravestones, ghosts, black cats, pumpkins, zombies, spider webs and so on. I cannot wait to have a slice of the tasty chocolate graveyard cake, don't you? Enjoy playing our newest cooking game! Play the best cooking games only on!