Hello girls! It is time to cook my weekend dessert. It is a tradition in my family to bake a sweet and delicious weekend delight, just like the Sunday dinner. What should I make this weekend? Ice cream puffs just popped into my mind and it is actually a great cooking idea. Wanna help out? Let's make the most amazing ice cream puffs covered in mouth watering chocolate sauce! I will use strawberry ice cream, but other flavors can be used or added. Fetch me a cup of water and search in the fridge for eggs and butter. Find flour, salt and sugar in the kitchen cabinets. Follow my cooking directions to make the ice cream puffs. For the chocolate sauce we need heavy cream, unsalted butter and chopped bittersweet chocolate. Pour the fab sauce on top of the ice cream puffs and the sensational dessert is ready to serve. Enjoy a great weekend playing our brand new cooking games! Check out Baby Barbie Cake Surprise and Baby Barbie Cake Shop as well!