Hello girls! I am cooking pierogi in just a few minutes and you are invited to join me. Help me cook this delicious Polish food recipe. Pierogi are Polish dumplings boiled and fried, stuffed with varied fillings. I fancy potato, cheese and meat filling for my yummy Polish pierogi. I will use flat dough discs, sauerkraut, water, salt and sour cream for the dumplings. The potato and cheese filling is made with mashed potatoes, cubed cheese, salt and pepper to taste. For the meat filling, you can use the meat you like. I fancy lean ground beef which I mix with two eggs, vegetable oil, chopped onion and garlic, cumin and allspice. Follow the cooking directions to prepare the pierogi dumplings and fillings. Serve this tasty Polish dish with sauce on the side. Have a wonderful time playing our brand new cooking game! Check out Baby Barbie Pizza Maker and Baby Barbie Cake Shop as well!